Saturday, March 29, 2014

Your perfect chance

This is every loser's dream, to be my personal fetch boy!

Are you a strong believer in Black Female Supremacy? Then at my feet you should be serving me precisely and substantively!

My wealth and happiness over anything in your pathetic life 
                                  Smooches ♡

Monday, March 24, 2014


Become my personal little white cock fetch pet !
Just like this little thin cock white boy dying to please and spoil 
look at his pathetic little cock
did this white pet actually think he could please me with that pale thin dick?
of curse not. That's why I demanded the white pig start paying and purchasing gifts off my wish list!
of course he replied with a YES PRINCESS!
That's not it the little loser starts to leak out of control begging Princess to let him wank!
My response was of course as long as he wore his cum proudly on his lips!!
Hahahaha and he did just that
What a great way to serve me by fetching my gifts, sending me cash and at the end you get to wear your favorite lip-gloss
 -- CUM GLOSS --