Monday, April 21, 2014

Cash gifts for a Queen

I'm loving how my online boys are so loyal and serving.
This month's cash so far. 
Only true paying boys will earn a place at my feet or even under my Ebony ass

Monday, April 14, 2014

I love to brag about my gifts

           I don't think I know my pets take very good care of Me.

Just look at some of my gifts from last month

He begged to leak

Look at this little white cock?
He's an official wanker who loves to deposit his cash in my wank bank!
He wanted to be milked so bad and he begged for it.
He could only stroke his little loser cock if he paid for every bit of cum, every drip and every drop.
The wanker deposited $400.00 into my payapal 
He was so desperate he stroked his cock at WORK in the bathroom 
He will soon be exposed to the world for the little cock perv he truly is
White little cocks who serve financially will earn a place in my kingdom